Are you looking to generate revenue from your web site? We will help you design an effective business development e-commerce web site making it easy for your customers to buy your goods and services. However it is worth considering the following:

Look and feel of the site making it a user friendly engaging and easy experience. It needs to be designed so that it grabs attention quickly and has a compelling reason why people should buy from you. Well professional written copy is highly advisable. Keep the site simple and don't use too much flash as people have short attention spans. The average attention span is less that 60 seconds so you need to keep your site "sticky" meaning it will keep attention glued to your site rather than let viewers click to a competitor site as remember they are just one click away from your site!

Will your site convey industry authority and inspire consumer confidence?. If people don’t feel comfortable or your site does not convey professionalism people will not want to part with their money. You need to establish trust.

Good clear images of your products with full descriptions especially if there are a variety of similar looking products. It is worth investing in professional photography so that the images are high resolution and shot using light that best reflects the products. The images need to be seen clearly yet not too big as this will slow the load time of the site.

Easy check out – keep the check out process smooth and simple and make it painless and easy for customers to buy your products. If people need to register before they buy but don’t realise they do until they have selected the products and started the check out. It is highly irritating for the user to have to complete a form and then discover they have to re-select the items again. With this in mind careful consideration and planning is needed to iron out these type of user experience issues.

What form of secure payment will you accept –

visa MasterCard  american-express  paypal

Are you easy to contact? Make sure there is a clear and easy way preferably a telephone number for customers to call for questions and issues. How else will they make themselves heard. Having only an email address is simply not good enough and actually raises suspicion about the legitimacy of your site and business.

Have a clear set of Terms of Use, Privacy and terms and conditions of Sale

Set out expectations clearly so that if things don’t go as planned explain what procedures need to be taken to highlight and rectify the problem. This protects you as much as the customer.