Wearing a perfect denture is the dream, or rather the goal of many people who love aesthetics and personal care, is not to be less concerned about the appearance of the teeth as this is directly related to the quality of oral hygiene, quality of food, and health in general. For this reason, orthodontics has evolved enormously in the last few years and the latest technology allows us to resort to treatments such as Invisalign (ortodoncia Invisalign), which are very effective and without giving up dental aesthetics, a very important aspect in our current society.

The bleaching process or the use of Invisalign is carried out by a professional dentist who will determine the causes of the darkening of the teeth, which may be external because of a food or external agent that acts negatively on the tooth enamel; or they may be internal, this because the tooth is of that color, some disease or internal tooth leakage, both internal and external causes can be treated. With regard to whitening, many people wonder what is the benefit of improving your dental health? And there are indeed several benefits.

Remove stains

As stated above, the darkening of teeth may be due to factors such as foods with high levels of colorants that affect tooth enamel, coffee, tobacco, among other factors that cause dark spots on teeth. Well, with the bleaching process you can remove these annoying stains and make your teeth look white and shiny.

Adapts to the patient

For those who find it annoying to attend regular sessions with the dentist, you can opt for the use of individual splints that can be applied from the comfort of home, this treatment usually takes longer than direct consultation but offers ease of use and desired results if applied correctly.

Contributes to oral health

During the bleaching process, a chemical called carbamide peroxide is used. It has been shown that this chemical besides bleaching acts as an oral antiseptic, in addition to acting against plaque and benefiting the repair of teeth, this without causing side effects. Obviously, the alternative of Invisalign or surgery is always there too.

The whitening of teeth is regularly accompanied by other procedures such as dental veneers that improve the smile or dental prostheses, these procedures together with whitening offer surprising aesthetic results in a short time.

Short and long term benefits

By undergoing this type of treatment, the patient learns and gets used to oral health habits that must be carried out for days, which in the long run can become a habit for life, something that is really good in terms of oral health.

The main benefit is the aesthetic improvement of the tooth enamel, which is super important for anyone who wants to wear impeccable dentures. Although it is a procedure that improves aesthetics, not health, it is never too much to invest in that smile that we show to the world.