Sales Tips

If you want to avoid classic marketing errors then read below!

Always always sell the sizzle not the sausage!!! – one of the biggest mistakes in sales pitches is selling features not benefits, if the reader is not able to see the advantage of your product or service quickly and easily then the chances of sales success are significantly reduced. So tell the reader why they need your offering and why they should use your company and not one of your competitors.

Invest in good quality imagery or risk becoming the laughing stock

Don't become a laughing "stock" (with or without stock images) Why use misleading imagesin your marketing communications? What's the point? Seriously, do you think its going to help your cause and add credibility to your messages? Take time out and give real thought and consideration to all your images and ask yourself if the image is truly reflective of your brand and message.

Why use them? Often even the best group shots look ridiculous as all you can see are small smiley pin heads – so unless they have a real purpose what’s the point? So what message do you think you are sending using poor imagery? Look - we all work here – we have staff - big deal - so what! Come on you can do better than this - be more imaginative with your marketing.

Why do you bother doing what you do if you can’t measure the results?

Why have web site if it does not generate business opportunities or really work for you? Why invest good money in dead marketing?

Who reads what you send out? If you don’t know why send it out?

Does your marketing have a call to action or is it simply educational?

Would you send out pound notes to your customers and get nothing back – as sending out costly poor marketing material is equivalent to sending out money in the post.

Would you tear up company money and put in the bin? No I guess not but not communicating your marketing messages effectively is costly and takes effort so it’s a lot easier to tear up the money and waste it that way as the end result is identical!

Do you know who looks at your web site? If you do you are in the minority but before you congratulate your self too much how do you use the data effectively?

Does your marketing communication really reflect your brand values and company message?

Do you want to engage your audience or put bore the pants off them? So why write mundane boring copy? Make it interesting and invest in a copywriter. Poorly written copy on expensively produced digital or physical marketing communications is like buying an expensive car with cheap uncomfortable seats – what’s the point?

Oy you ... Look here .. Don't do it ...

I know it’s a bit rude but you did read the headline and this is the first part of any written material – getting it read! Keep your marketing communication interesting.. or why should it get read?

Where has the common sense gone? – common sense is clearly not so common!

Where have the all the marketers gone? Most marketing literature is so dull, uninspiring and simply a waste of time and money. Marketing and sales is not that difficult – brain surgery is difficult yet so many companies with highly paid marketing executives just get it so very wrong!



When is junk mail not junk mail? The answer is when it is send a business, but the reality is that most of it is junk, it’s not called junk but it end up in the same place because it is either wrongly targeted, dull and boring or simply just not relevant. The amount of simply dull meaningless information that is sent out is amazing. Why bother to just state facts make a real case for yourself interestingly and you may just find that you pull in better responses.