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What is guerrilla marketing?
What is guerrilla marketing?

What is guerrilla marketing?

The saturation in the world of advertising that exists today makes it increasingly difficult for any company to draw attention and differentiate themselves from the rest through advertising. Also, finding a creative space in which the investment is not too large and get a good impact on the target audience is a challenge.

Guerrilla Marketing differs from traditional marketing in the same way that the guerrilla war traditional. The more you work with the budget as a division of infantry, Guerrilla Marketing strikes back with all its resources for maximum impact. What is the solution to this problem? During the last few years, it seems that the perfect solution has been to use the so-called guerrilla marketing. Surely you’ve heard of this marketing technique more than once, and you wondered what it is and what it is for, because today we’re going to resolve those doubts.

4 techniques for guerrilla marketing

  1. Ambient marketing: this technique consists of choosing a public space with a large influx of people, and to transform, to send our advertising to through it.

  2. Flashmobs: despite not being strictly an advertising technique, these meetings are “spontaneous” many people who are prepared to perform a specific action to call attention in a public space in particular are the most effective.

  3. Surreptitious advertising: a technique as old as advertising itself, but today we see more and more, especially in the world of online marketing. The most well known cases can be the youtubers that made videos talking about products that supposedly have bought and of which comment on all of its benefits to encourage purchase. If you want to know more about this technique, in this article we talk about how brands infiltrate advertising on Vine.

  4. Viral videos: all brands, from the smallest to the largest, are trying to create a video of this type almost every day. When you get the video to call attention to yourself (which is very difficult), a video of this kind just by being on Youtube you can get the brand to be viewed by millions and millions of times.

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