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News at the Barcelona 2017 Erotic Show
News at the Barcelona 2017 Erotic Show

News at the Barcelona 2017 Erotic Show

The Olympic Pavilion of Vall d’ Hebrón, the Barcelona Erotic Show celebrated its 25th anniversary in an edition with changes in which proposals such as the footfetish area disappeared and more space was created for the artistic work such as the #projectorgasm of Manolo Carot and a place to enjoy a barcelona erotic massage. There was the absence of some producers and new ones appeared, or even the particular case of Chicas bala, which functions as a representative agency for new industry values. And even they recovered a classic touch by dedicating some sessions in which their artists signed photographs for their fans.

Sex in Madrid and Barcelona doesn’t work the same way. The Erotic Salon in Madrid is the brother of the homonymous Barcelona festival. This is not the first time that entertainment entrepreneurs in Barcelona try to disembark in the capital. They tried it between 2005 and 2008, with the Erotic Film Festival, also called Exposex. The last edition closed with 15,000 visits compared to the more than 50,000 in Barcelona. From there arose more cultured but equally unsuccessful substitutes. This time it didn’t go well either.

Erotic performers and singers

Leticia Sabater’s metamorphosis has been absolute. At 51 years of age, she has returned to the world of music, shows and television reality shows. In Survivors, for example, we could see her more controversial and less kind face. The Catalan showwoman surprised with her latest social networking message, where she announced her presence and participation in the Erotic Fest of Barcelona, which took place on October 7.

Sabater’s performance, however, was very different from the one they are accustomed to seeing the attendees of this event. Far from the explicit erotic content, the former Survivors contestant went onstage twice to perform two of her best-known songs: Toma pepinazo, the latest song she has published, and La salchipapa, her big hit with more than six million hits on Youtube. According to her own statements, “two great performances” with very suggestive outfits.

The difference between Barcelona and Madrid

First it was HIV, in the’ 80s. Despite the compulsory sanitary controls, some producers were forced to close due to outbreaks of infection. Then came the internet. Online sex is free and widely available. In fact, only 3% pay for premium content, which led to bankruptcy in many schools. The third wave has come with the camera phones. The fashion of amateur porn has emerged. Nobody wants to see anyone act anymore: everyone wants to look through the lock. Now the actors don’t even have to struggle for what we could define as playing a role. It is often enough to hold the mobile phone firmly. Perhaps in the future this sector will be able to find an ally in Netflix, which has just released a series of documentaries dedicated to “author porn”.

But there’s something to learn in the Erotic Room too. This is the case of a 26-year-old woman from Orense, a social worker who cares for people with physical and mental disabilities. They also have a sexuality but society is not yet ready to admit it,”she explains. She acknowledges that she has taken advantage of the informative talks given in the sexuality classroom. You’re sure that sooner or later you’ll know how to make the most of your work.